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The Hottest Trends In Bathroom Remodeling

Thanks to the struggling economy, homeowners are not buying as many new homes as they were just a year ago but they sure are bullish on remodeling the one they have. You don't have to build a whole new home to get the extra roominess or amenities that you need: put yourself into the hands of a skilled contractor and remodel your existing space into something really special. We all like to pamper ourselves a bit, so how about redoing your tired master bath? Here are the hottest trends in bathroom remodeling to whet your appetite for change and give you some ideas on what you can do.

Get Rid Of That Tub

If you are strictly "shower people," your children are grown and gone and you have limited space, there's really no good reason to keep that old tub around. Why not go for it and have a large, airy, shower installed? The hottest trend is to install two shower heads so that two can shower more comfortably together at the same time. If one of the shower walls is an exterior one, have the contractor install a glass block window to let more natural light in without letting the neighbors see in.


Speaking of letting more light in, how about enlarging existing windows and installing skylights to create a really natural-feeling oasis with plenty of sunshine? Add a deluxe soaking tub, a collection of living green plants, and some bubble bath and you just may never leave the bathroom!

Heated Floors

What could be more luxurious than getting out of the tub or shower on a freezing cold winter's morning and stepping onto a heated bathroom floor? Having radiant electric heat installed as part of a remodeling project is relatively inexpensive and it's a small touch that will not only keep you more comfortable, it will also be a real selling point when you go to sell your home.

A "Vantastic" Vanity

Having just one vanity in a master bedroom is simply not right. After all, there are two of you using that space! Having two separate vanities with two sinks makes life a whole lot easier, and today's sink designs are out of this world. You can choose to have elegant copper sinks and fixtures installed within equally elegant granite or marble countertops. Some faucets protrude directly from the wall, giving the appearance of an indoor fountain, right in your own home!

Having a master bathroom that is a real showpiece of functionality and style increases the value of your home as well as the pleasure that you take in living there.


Remodel Your Bathroom With Cabinets

So, you have decided to remodel your bathroom and you have also decided to replace those old, worn out cabinets which have seen better days. Bathroom cabinets play a major role in maintaining an organized bathroom. Besides being of maximum utility, they are one of the most eye catching fixtures of the bathroom. They also consume most amount of the bathroom remodeling budget.

Since cabinets take a huge chunk from your budget, decide how much you want to spend on cabinets, in advance. You can do this by first deciding where you want your cabinets. Then take measurements of the area. Decide whether you want stock cabinets, semi-custom or custom cabinets. Stock cabinets are the most inexpensive ones followed by semi-custom and then custom cabinets. When you meet the expert with these rough ideas and figures in mind, he can give you a more accurate picture.

As mentioned earlier, there are three types of cabinets available in the market. You have to choose from them according to your budget and your specific requirements. They are Stock, Semi-custom and Custom cabinets.

Stock cabinets are inexpensive and most popular. They are mass produced and built in standard sizes and shapes. The choice of color, design and style is limited.

Semi-custom cabinets are basically stock cabinets which can be changed in some ways to meet individual requirements. They offer more choice of color, finish, design and size. They are more expensive than stock cabinets.

Custom cabinets are the most expensive cabinets. They are made to order cabinets. They are made to suit your specific, individual requirements. They offer the widest range of color, design, style and size.

According to the method of assembling, there are Framed and Frameless cabinets. Framed cabinets are American cabinets and frameless cabinets are European style.

In framed cabinet, a frame is placed around the front of the cabinet opening. It is also called face frame. It is used to secure the door to the cabinet. Framed cabinets are more expensive than frameless cabinets because they use more material.

In frameless cabinets, there is no face frame and door is hung directly on the cabinet box. Frameless cabinets occupy lesser space than framed ones.

While selecting cabinets for your bathroom, keep in mind that your cabinets should match the rest of your bathroom. Doors and drawers of the cabinets should operate smoothly. Don't just go by the looks of the doors of the cabinets because it's the quality and construction of the whole boxes that counts.


Home Diy Projects Bathroom Planning

Careful planning is the key to a successful bathroom-remodeling project. Before you begin any work in the bathroom, create a budget, a floor plan, a list of supplies, a timetable, and important legal considerations. Let's break it down by subject.

First, create a budget. Determine how much money you can comfortably spend, and save about 20 percent for emergencies. Get estimates for the work that needs professionals, and always include electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling, and drywall installation costs in your budget.

Second, design a floor plan. Ask yourself, will you be working with the existing space or will you be adding on or knocking down walls? Check to make sure you will not disturb the electrical wiring, plumbing, or zoning regulations. Next, measure the amount of space you have and draw a floor plan. In drawing the plan, first put in all the items that are fixed. For example, if the toilet must be in one place because of plumbing, it is a fixed item. Experiment with how you like your floor plan, using different arrangements, with different types of cabinetry, shelves, or even walls. You might try pocket doors to save space, and corner sinks, floating sinks, or pedestal sinks to save even more space. L-shaped vanities and alcoves also save space. In addition, corner showers conserve space, and clear glass in showers creates the illusion of even more space. You may want to add windows or mirrors to let in light.

Third, make a list of the supplies you'll need and make sure they are available when you need them. Some typical supplies include sinks, flooring, wall tile, countertops, lighting, medicine cabinets, showers, bath tubs, cabinets and cabinet handles, toilets, extra storage, faucets, toilet paper holders, paint or wallpaper, chairs, accessories (like storage containers and/or artwork), as well as tools you have or can buy.

Fourth, create a timetable. Talk to experts or people at home improvement stores to plan how much time you'll need. If you're hiring contractors, work with them to design a timetable you all can follow.

Plan projects according to the time you have available. Put in a new toilet and sink one weekend, for example, and paint another. You don't have to do it all at once, so plan sensibly. Don't paint the walls or install woodwork until the hardware is taken care of -- you don't want to damage work you've already done. Above all, be flexible and allow time for the unexpected or even emergencies to happen.

Fifth, keep in mind legal considerations. Get and post a building permit, pay any necessary fees, make sure you, your contractor, and any workers have insurance coverage, and keep children and animals away from the construction area.

By following these checklists, your bathroom remodeling plans will be a snap


Create A Bathroom Oasis With Tiles

For most of us, there are precious few moments in our busy schedules in which we can really enjoy some quality 'me-time' alone. In fact, the only time that we truly have to ourselves is in the bathroom in the mornings before we leave for work, or in the evenings when we unwind before going to bed to enjoy some well-deserved rest. With a bit of planning, your bathroom can be transformed into a tranquil safe haven, away from the hassles of everyday life (if only momentarily). The correct bathroom tiles can enhance this experience significantly. Use vibrant, bright tiles to stimulate the body and mind in the mornings to prepare you for the day ahead. Use warm, welcoming tiles to create a soothing environment to be enjoyed after a long, hard day's work. A combination of these two approaches will create the perfect bathroom retreat. For example, a lively diamond pattern in the center of a serene tiled wall will create the perfect setting for either circumstance.

First Select The Type

You should select tiles that appeal to your personal preference, but they should also be practical. Ceramic tiles are always a very popular choice. Ceramic tiles are non-porous and slip resistant, and they can be cleaned easily - all you need to do is wipe them with a damp sponge or cloth.

Other popular choices include travertine, granite, slate, marble, and glass. Each of these types of tiles has their own set of advantages. Granite tiles have a high wear and tear threshold and will not have to be replaced often, slate tiles are slip-resistant, marble tiles can add a certain stylishness or panache to your bathroom, and glass tiles can provide creative accent pieces to any tile design.

Then Determine The Look

The size, shape, and color of tiles must be determined before that first tile is cut and placed anywhere in a bathroom. Large size tiles can create a dramatic end result in a bathroom, providing there is not a great deal of cuts to be made. Medium and small sized tiles are typically reserved for smaller bathroom settings and around areas such as the sink, toilet, and windows.

Tiles come in many shapes and sizes; including squares, hexagons, rectangles, and octagons. There are also many types of accent pieces that you can use to spruce up your bathroom, such as triangles, diamond shapes, and narrow rectangles, amongst other shapes. Your color choice is also, as mentioned above, vitally important. Colors such as peach, yellow, and red radiate warmth and coziness, while softer colors like blue, green, and violet exude serenity and tranquility. To create a feeling of spaciousness in your bathroom, it is advised to use white or beige tiles as the main tile.

Determining The Appropriate Layout

Ensure that you have a clear image in mind of how you would like your bathroom to look. A simple but effective idea would be to use a contrasting grout color to the dominant tile color. This makes each tile stand out, which is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. On the other hand, using the same color grout as the tiles also creates quite a striking effect. Different size and color tiles should only be selected to create a dramatic effect. Too many different shapes and colors might appear gaudy.

Large square tiles can be used with smaller hexagon tiles or you can set the floor and wall tiles in opposite directions. Accent tiles can also be implemented to create interesting designs but it is important to keep it simple. Too much detail can cause a chaotic effect, which is the last thing you want in your bathroom.

With so many colors, sizes, and types of tile available, it can be overwhelming to pick the perfect pieces for that desired bathroom creation. Bathroom tiles are readily available in virtually any size, shape, and color possible. The only limitations are what the mind can create.


Choosing Bathroom Faucets That Fit In With Your Bathroom Style

It's time again to fix that faucet. You're sick of the 'drip, drip, drip' from your bathroom sink that keeps you awake until all hours of the morning. It's not the washer in the faucet itself that's gone bad this time; it's the whole apparatus. You go to Lowe's or Home Depot and wind up staring at the huge selection before you slack jawed because you have no idea what to choose. You need help.

The first thing you need to do is decide if you want to replace your bathroom faucet with the exact same style as before or go for something new. Replacing your faucet with the same style is the easiest route to go. You can remove the faucet from your sink and bring it with you to your local hardware store where you can buy the matching replacement. Of course if this isn't possible or even feasible, your chore becomes a bit more complicated. There are many different types of mounting for your faucet and you will need to be aware of what type yours is before simply going and purchasing the new fixture. This is actually the hardest step in choosing your new faucet because the one that you really liked at the store may not work with the current configuration of your sink.

Common types of mounting include: widespread faucets that have individual hot and cold water handles; centerset faucets with one handle that controls both temperatures and covers the three holes that may be in your sink for mounting; mini-widespread which are the same as widespread faucets except positioned closer together; single-hole, similar to the centerset but filing in only one hole; and wall mounted, most commonly found on your bathtubs. Centerset and mini-widespread faucets are both designed for sinks with pre-drilled 4" holes. Some single-hole faucets include covers that allow you to use them on a sink with 4" pre-drilled holes. If you have one of the other types, though, you are best in choosing that same replacement.

Once you have determined what type of mount your sink has, your job of choosing a faucet comes down to aesthetics. Which finish will look best in your bathroom? This really is your personal preference and what will compliment the décor in your bath. It is also good to know whether or not your current faucet is a classical design (rounded edges, flowery embellishments) or modern (sharp angles, geometric embellishments). For example, if your bathroom is more of an antique decor, you may want to stick with a classical style, an everyday décor could use either, and somewhat futuristic décor would definitely go well with the modern styles.

You've picked out the faucet. You're ready to go home and install it. Not yet. Have you considered your faucet's finish? Bathroom fixtures come in a variety of finishes, from dull to shiny, chrome to wrought iron. Each finish has its pros and cons. Stainless steel and chrome are the most common finish available, but they scratch easily and show up fingerprints and water spots. Brass, which simulates gold and is very distinctive, rusts easier. And brushed nickel, which includes your flat finishes that do not show your fingerprints, is more expensive and its plating will eventually wear. The finish is personal choice, but know your options. Some faucets even offer a choice in the style of handles that come with it. But once again, choose something that will be a good match for your bathrooms décor.

The only thing left now is to take your new faucet home and install it. And then enjoy the compliments you will get on this most basic of bathroom items.


If You Want Affordable Luxury, Pick Out a Terry Cloth Bath Robe

If you want to give yourself the pleasure of a luxury item in a way that is very simple, highly affordable, and enduring all at once, you can't go wrong with the purchase of a terry cloth bath robe. Terry robes are highly absorbent, durable, and great-feeling bath robes that can enhance anyone's domestic experience. If you've got some extra money to spend and you want to treat yourself to some luxury, don't think twice about checking out a terry cloth bath robe. Terry robes make beautiful gifts, too.

Terry cloth bath robes are thick, plush robes that are probably better than any other bath robes for taking the water off your skin and hair and warming you up after you step from the shower or bath. These robes are so absorbent that some people don't even bother having bath towels for themselves (although they may still keep some on hand for guests), but simply wrap themselves in their terry robes after getting clean.

A cotton terry bath robe is a plush robe, indeed, and you can find such robes in various thicknesses and weaves. Typically one of these robes will weigh anywhere from one pound to a pound-and-a-half. The heavier the robe, the more absorbent it will be. You will also want to look over terry robes for their weave,as "terry" is derived from a looping, uncut fabric used to weave robes into being. The tighter the weave, the more durable the robe, and part of creating a great weave is having great material. Generally speaking, the best materials are Egyptian or Turkish cotton.

The more cotton in your terry cloth bath robe, the better. However, these days there are options for you if you prefer a lighter, less bulky terry robe. Today, it's not hard at all to find terry robes that are made from synthetic microfibers or bamboo, but which feature a 100% cotton lining. Some people prefer the look, feel, and lightness of such robes, even while they don't need to compromise the softness against the skin and the absorption power of the robe.

When choosing your robe, don't neglect or forget to pick a color and a design that suit you. Your robe should reflect your tastes and your personality--another small thing that makes for a better and more fulfilling personal experience at home or even while traveling. It's not difficult to find a terry cloth bath robe that will meet your demands along these lines.

The robes can be found in a range of prices, so before you begin your shopping have your budget in mind. You want to buy a terry robe that is affordable but, at the same time, gives you the highest level of quality.

If you're looking for a plush robe for yourself, or to give as a gift, it just doesn't get any better than a terry cloth robe. With one of these, you get beauty, comfort, style, class, and the pragmatic aspect of high absorption. Live a little!


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